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Welcome to the Players page!   We hope to keep adding relevant and interesting information for you - the youth soccer players.

Be responsible - we've included tips on how to pack the night before for games
Be healthy - we've included information on concussions for middle and high school athletes 
Be ready - we've got the latest in rule changes and training video links for each age group so you can be ready to play

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Heading Protocol

USA Youth Soccer put out the following Header Protocol's in 2016 and you should be aware of these rules - after all you don't want an indirect free kick (IFK) to be awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense!!

Here are the rules by age:


10 years old or younger: you should not be heading the ball no matter the age group played in.
10 year old's playing up on older teams should not be heading the ball!
U11 competitions - heading is prohibited across the nation, as it is likely there are 10 year old's on the team
11 year old players playing U11 are prohibited from heading the ball.


11 year old players playing up on older teams are allowed to head the ball but are restricted in practice like 12 and 13 year olds.
12 & 13 year old's are restricted to the lesser of these two options:
< 30 minutes of heading practice per week
< 15-20 headers per week

Allergies? Please Report

Do you have food allergies, or any allergies or situations where you need to carry medication around with you?  Please make sure to self-report to your Team Manager and Coach, and have your parents report these on your registration forms, and talk to the Team Manager.  Many teams will coordinate snacks during halftime or for after games.  Please let us know!

Preparing to Play in weather

Getting Ready the night before:

When you are packing your soccer bag you usually have the same list of items each time.  Take responsibility for your things, and help your family get out the door on time, or better yet - early for your game!!  

Before you start to gather things up - ask 3 questions

1. What is the weather going to be like?
2. What is the game uniform for my game? 
3. Where is the game and what time do we need to leave to be early for warm-ups?

Lay out things the night before in your room - to wear

Game jersey
Game shorts,
game socks,

Lay out next to the door - to wear out the door:

shin guards
if you plan on wearing slides out the door - put your Cleats in the top of your bag!!

Lay out next to the door - bring your gear

Cleats? double check
Shin guards? double check
Water!  - Bring a big water jug that will close and not leak if it is knocked over
Packed Bag: all extra jerseys in case you need to change into a conflict jersey, socks, shoes
Ball! use to warm up if you have one

Dress for the weather

It is really important, especially in early spring and late fall in Kansas to ask what the weather is going to be and pack appropriately.  

A warm summer rain is not too bad with maybe a light windbreaker under a jersey to keep body heat in.
However, a cold rain, especially with wind, will drop your core temperature and it is hard to keep fingers and toes warm.

Having the following items in the back of the car as options to add to your wardrobe before the game begins is a great idea:

Knit hat
long leggings or athletic pants in black
long sleeve athletic top in black/grey/white
silk socks under soccer game socks for extra warmth
rain proof/windproof top to layer under jersey to try to keep body heat in
sweatshirts are popular to wear under jerseys - make sure to tuck the hood into the back of the jersey during play.
Blanket for the bench
Dry clothes including socks and underwear to change into after the game to warm back up in the car ride home.

We've seen snow in October and April, and rain and wind are often in the forecast.  Talk with your family about gathering up your options - anyone sitting on the sidelines will need to layer to stay warm too!


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