Ideas for parents to help your player's development

Play soccer with your child. Kids learn by "doing", and it is critical that kids (and their soccer parents) find time to play with a soccer pall as much as possible. Just a few minutes whenever you can passing the ball backk and forth and dribbling, will greatly improve their ability to pass, receive, and control the ball.

Set up orange practice cones and goals in the yard. Orange practice cones (or whatever safe objects you have laying around the house) can be used for fun practice drills in the back yard. Buying or making a small soccer goal can also be fun and will definitely get their attention. Some ideas for making a goal include two chairs seprated from each other (the size does not make a difference), two poles, a square clothes basket on its side (a personal favorite), or a cardboard box.

Attend the soccer games and practices. Listen to the coaches and learn the game from them. Don't be afraid to ask the coaches or board if you have any questions.

Put a game on TV. It's the next best thing to being at a game. The kids will learn from just watching.

Soccer camps Camps can help to develope the skills and techinques that are very necessary for your player to develope their soccer skills. LSA offers different camps through out the year.

What does my child need for soccer?

Each child should bring the following to each practice:

1. Water - Please make sure your child is bringing water to each practice and game. They work hard and need to stay hydrated during practice and games.

2. Shin Guards - Shin guards are required at practice and games. They should be the correct size for that child. This helps to prevent injuries. Shin Guards must be covered by socks.

3. Soccer Ball - Each child should bring a soccer ball to each practice. The coaches are given a limited number of soccer balls for the player that forgot their ball. For U6 and U8 the soccer ball should be size 3, for U10 and U12 it should be size 4, and U14 is a size 5 ball.

4. Cleats or tennis shoes - Cleats are the best for the grass fields, but kids can still play in tennis shoes. Cleats should not have the front football/baseball cleat. The cleats should be soccer cleats.

Parent pocket guide and pointers

Here are a couple good resources for parents from US Youth Soccer.

Soccer Pocket Guide - This explains the different calls in a game and explains the positions. It is good for someone that is not sure about all the different parts of soccer. 

Parent Pointers - Basic information that all parents should know.

I think I want to be a coach for my child's soccer team

What do I need to do to be a coach for my child's soccer team? It is easy just follow the instruction on the link to the attached document.

Becoming a LSA Coach.

LSA Mission Statement

The Leavenworth Soccer Association (LSA) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization committed to the youth of our community. Our goal is to promote, coordinate, and administer, the game of soccer within Leavenworth, Kansas and the surrounding communities with emphasis on developing skills and a love for the game.

Rain out Information

Games on Leavenworth Fields: 913-651-3800 or Facebook or Twitter or this website

Games on Lansing fields

Games on Tongie fields : 913-845-3502

Games on Fort Leavenworth fields: 913-684-5113