LUSC Teams
LUSC Team Point of Contacts
Team Coach Phone Asst Coach Manager Field Times
Director Greg Ruff 816-588-8110
LUSC U12B 07s Rick Whitlow 913-290-0786 Ben Anom James Scrogin CF3 MWF 6-7:30
LUSC U18B 01s Riley Anderson 913-683-4092 None None CF5 T-T 6-8
LUSC U10B/G 09s Greg Ruff 816-588-8810 None Laura Zeps CF1 M-W 6:30-8
LUSC U12G 07s Brad Heim 913-306-2083 None None CF4 Tu-F 5-7:30
LUSC U15G 03s Terri Dominick 913-775-3101 None Bill Smith CF2 M-W 6-7:30
LUSC U18G 01s Ken Long 913-727-5444 Natalie Zink None CF5 5D 6:30-8
Bailey Zinser
Italics is a Board Member
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as of Mar 9th 2018
Request New Player or Payment for Tourney

If you are not a LUSC Coach and send an email by one of the links below, you WILL NOT get a reply back!!!

Request New Player
If you have a new player after the Bonzi registration has closed for the year. You have to click the link below and fill out the necessary information to get them registered by the club director. With out this email and information it will cause delays and keep your player from being registered to the state system so they can play
Click to Request a New Player Addition to Club Site

Request Club Payment
For Tournaments request must be in 2 weeks prior to tournaments deadline to process properly!!!
If you have tourney fees or facility fees, etc and your team fees are up to date in the Bonzi system you can use this link below to request a payment be sent.
Click to Request a Payment

Certification for Coaching


All coaches from recreation, volunteer, to competitive should all strive to educate themselves for their level of soccer coaching. USSF has the Coaches A-F level certifications.

To get your F License, which should be the minimum license all level of coaches should obtain. It is a two-hour online course that cost $25.00 to take. All competitive coaches must have it to participate in the KC Heartland league. But this course is exceptional for the recreation parent/volunteer who needs to know the basics on how to start a soccer specific lesson plan and then implement it. The fee also covers you for a year and you have access to coaching plans to help train your younger players.

To start working on your F License use the link below and register for the course. You will not regret the well spent 2 hours you took to get this License.

F License is going away and moving to the 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11 grassroots certification on the DCC website.

DIgital Coaching Center


Another good certification course is through the NSCAA and its' Development Course. It is online and another good certification for young, new, inspiring coaches to get a solid base to start from. It is also 25.00 for the online course and well worth it.

Development Course